Net10 adds three new prepaid data plans, offers up to 5 GB for $75

Net10 now offers data caps up to 5 GB, is still cheaper than the big carriers


Net10 has notified their subscribers via text message about new plans being offered. The company is introducing a slew of new “unlimited” monthly plans to their lineup, including a $75 tier that includes up to 5 GB of 4G LTE data—I’m quoting unlimited here because their plans aren’t really unlimited despite being marketed as such.

There are three new “unlimited” monthly plans available, in addition to the already-existing 30-day plan that includes up to 2.5 GB of data for $50. Forty dollars will get you 500 MB of data, $60 gives you 3.5 GB, and $75 will provide you with 5 GB of data. All of the plans, sans the lone international one, include “unlimited” talk and text messaging, picture messaging and 411 access.

I personally use Net10 after having a disastrous experience with Straight Talk, despite them being owned by the same company as Net10—TracFone. The upped data limits are definitely a welcome addition, but tethering is still—unfortunately—frowned upon, as the company’s terms of service state the following:

NET10 UNLIMITED PLAN FEATURES CANNOT BE USED FOR: (1) access to the Internet, intranets, or other data networks except as the device’s native applications and capabilities permit (excluding all Hotspot applications), (2) any applications that tether your NET10 Phone to a laptop or personal computer other than for the use of Wireless Sync, or (3) any applications that allow your NET10 Phone to act as an internet access point or Wi-Fi for other devices and computers.

Prepaid data plans through mobile virtual network operators (MVNO’s), like Net10, continue to provide better values when compared to the big service providers like AT&T and Verizon. The only glaring negative I see is the lack of tethering options, requiring users to purchase a separate Wi-Fi hotspot through another carrier.

In addition to the new “unlimited” monthly plans, Net10 also introduced new 30-day and family plan options. The new 30-day plan offers 1000 minutes, international calls, picture messaging, web, email and 411 for $25. The new $75 family plan offers “unlimited” national calls and text messages for two people, and up to 500 MB of data for each user. Both plans are the lowest tier in their respective categories.


Note: This post was updated to correct an error in regards to the new $75 family plan. The new plan gives 500 MB of data to each user and is not shared, as initially stated.

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  • Prepaid Finder

    I’ve been tracking the prepaid market at I think Straight Talk is the best option at moment, especially for people interested in tethering (since T-Mobile now charge an additional $15/month for tethering).

    I’m interested – what were your bad experiences with Straight Talk?