Gigabit Internet is coming to Omaha, Nebraska

Gigabit Internet will be available to 48,000 customers in west Omaha by 'early October 2013'

Credit: CenturyLink

Credit: CenturyLink

CenturyLink is poised to bring Gigabit Internet to Omaha, Nebraska in a network pilot program. The company is currently upgrading their existing fiber infrastructure in west Omaha, and will roll out the new service to 9,800 customers on Monday. By October 2013, CenturyLink expects Gigabit Internet to be available to all 48,000 customers.

Residential service will cost $150 a month alone and $80 a month when bundled with other CenturyLink services. That’s expensive when compared to Google Fiber, which is $80 a month alone and $120 a month when combined with the Google Fiber TV service.

Google also offers a “Free Internet” package, which provides 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed at no monthly cost for at least 7 years; $300 construction fee applies.

CenturyLink states that expansion of the Gigabit Internet service will depend on “positive community support, competitive parity in the marketplace and the ability to earn a reasonable return on its investment.”


Source: CenturyLink, Omaha World-Herald

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