UDOO combines an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, runs Android or Linux

Open-source mini PC offers a flexible developing environment

UDOO is an Android and Linux compatible mini PC that embeds an Arduino-compatible board inside it. The open-source prototyping board is equipped with two processors: A dual or quad-core (depending on pledge amount) ARM i.MX6 Freescale for use with Android and Linux applications, as well as Arduino DUE’s ARM SAM3X.

The board is compatible with “all” Arduino DUE shields, sensors and actuators, in addition to any sketches, tutorials or other Arduino community resources.

UDOO’s Kickstarter page lists Android 4.0.4 and Linaro 11.10 (an ARM-optimized version of Ubuntu Linux) as the operating systems compatible with the board, although further Android releases are said to be available on launch.

The mini PC’s operating system is installed on a microSD card, which is then inserted into the board’s built-in card slot. The OS can be changed at any time by simply swapping cards and rebooting the system.

Full specifications include:

  • Freescale i.MX 6 ARM Cortex-A9 CPU Dua/Quad core 1GHz
  • Integrated graphics, each processor provides 3 separated accelerators for 2D, OpenGL® ES2.0 3D and OpenVG™
  • Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU (same as Arduino Due)
  • RAM DDR3 1GB
  • 54 Digital I/O + Analog Input (Arduino-compatible R3 1.0 pinout)
  • HDMI and LVDS + Touch (I2C signals)
  • Ethernet RJ45 (10/100/1000 MBit)
  • WiFi Module
  • Mini USB and Mini USB OTG
  • USB type A (x2) and USB connector (requires a specific wire)
  • Analog Audio and Mic
  • SATA (Only Quad-Core version)
  • Camera connection
  • Micro SD (boot device)
  • Power Supply (5-12V) and External  Battery connector

As of this post’s writing, the cheapest board comes in at $119 and includes a quad-core CPU, Wi-Fi module and Ethernet plug.


Source: Kickstarter

Image credit: UDOO [Kickstarter]

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