Quo’s projectQ motherboard allows you to install ‘any OS’

Motherboard promises to work with 'any OS' with all components working 'seamlessly'

Running multiple operating systems on one system isn’t anything new, unless that operating system includes Apple’s OS X. For years, people have been able to create a ‘hackintosh’ by hacking the operating system to work on various PC hardware.

Quo Computer has introduced projectQ on Kickstarter, a motherboard “engineered from the ground up to run any OS” you choose. In addition, they claim they’re the first to include components that work “seamlessly” in any OS. This means you won’t have to hack your way to getting your I/O (Wi-Fi, Ethernet etc.) to work.

Quo projectQ motherboard IO

The microATX board is built on Intel’s Z77 (Ivy Bridge) chipset, comes with UEFI installed and these I/O options:

  • FW 400
  • FW 800
  • USB 2.0
  • USB 3.0
  • Thunderbolt
  • Intel LAN
  • DVI
  • HDMI
  • S/PDIF + standard audio card jacks

Although Quo will not explicitly specify which operating systems will work, their Kickstarter promo video includes clips of OS X software and every site listed in the video associated the company with running Apple’s operating system on their hardware.

The usage of UEFI is important, if you plan to run OS X, because Apple utilizes EFI in the booting process. In the past, if you wanted to run OS X on a PC (that presumably utilized BIOS), you’d have to find an EFI emulator.

  • FYI: You’ll be able to use either UEFI or legacy BIOS.

If this promise holds true and installing OS X is as easy as installing any other OS, we could see the ‘hackintosh’ become more of a practical reality, although the ‘hack’ part of it wouldn’t necessarily hold true anymore.

It’ll be exciting to see where this project goes in the coming months and if Apple will intervene at all.

The motherboard’s initial price was $219, but is currently sold out. As of this post’s writing, you can still pick up one for $239 and a “Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable” (I assume either built-in or PCI-E accessory) model for $289.


Source: Kickstarter

Image source: Rashantha De Silva [Kickstarter]


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