How to sync iTunes music to Android devices

Enjoy your music collection on your Android devices or via any Internet browser

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So you’ve been syncing music from your iTunes library to your iDevice forever, but what do you do when you get an Android device? Due to iTunes’ restriction of only syncing with iDevices, you will need a new way to sync your music. This tutorial will demonstrate how to sync (most, if not all of) your iTunes library to your Android device using Google Play Music. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to stream your library on any computer via the browser.

  • FYI: This tutorial is Mac and PC friendly.
Video tutorial:

10 minutes

Step 1: Determine where your music is located

By default, iTunes stores your music inside your computer’s “Music” folder. If you open the “iTunes” folder, you should see a folder named “iTunes Media.” Inside that folder, you should see a “Music” folder. All your music is inside there.


  • PC: C:/Users/YourUsername/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music
  • Mac: Macintosh HD/Users/YourUsername/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music

If you have additional music on your computer outside the Music folder, don’t worry! You can specify additional locations later.

Click the link below

Clicking here will take you to Google Play Music’s upload page.

Click the "Download Music Manager" button

Open the Music Manager installer

  • Mac users: When you open the file, you’ll need to drag the Music Manager  application into the “Applications” folder. Once it’s done transferring, continue to step 5.

music manager mac drag into apps transfer itunes music

Click "Next"

music manager install 1 transfer itunes music

Enter your Google credentials; Press "Sign in"

music manager install 2 transfer itunes music

If you have Google 2-step verification enabled, you’ll be asked to enter your 6-digit verification code after you press “Sign in.”

Select "Upload songs to Google Play" and press "Next."

music manager install 3 transfer itunes music

Specify music location

music manager install 4 transfer itunes music

This is where we tell the application where our music is located.

  • If you have all of your music inside iTunes, select “iTunes” and press “Next.”
  • If all your music is inside your “Music” folder, select “My Music folder” and press “Next.”
  • If your music is located in different locations, press “Other folders.” You should now see a “Add folders” button. Click that and specify the locations of your music. Press “Next” when you’re done.

FYI: Whenever you add music to any of these specified folders, it automatically gets uploaded. Awesome, right? You can enable this shortly.


music manager install 5 transfer itunes music

Music Manager will automatically tell you how many songs and playlists it discovered. If you subscribe to podcasts, you can include them in the upload by checking the check box next to “Include podcasts in upload.”

FYI: You can upload a max of 20,000 songs. You cannot upload DRM-protected content.

Allow for automatic uploads; press "Yes"

music manager install 6 transfer itunes music

If you allow this, any music you add to the specified folders will be automatically uploaded. This is a great feature because you won’t have to manually add music.

Press "Next"

music manager install 7 transfer itunes music

Your music will now begin uploading. Depending on the amount of music being uploaded, this could take a while.

If you want to check on the status of the upload, click here. You should see the progress in the lower left corner of the screen.

Open the "Play Music" app on your Android device

Google Play Music mid-2013 Android

If you don’t have the app, click here to download it from Google Play.

You should notice that the music you uploaded is showing up inside the app. If you were to play any of this music, you would be streaming it from Google, since it’s not physically located on your device.


If your music isn’t showing up:

  1. It probably hasn’t uploaded yet.
  2. Your not connected to the Internet.
  3. You are not logged into your Google account.
  • To log in, tap the button with three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, press “Settings” and “Google account.” Now select your Google account.

Step 13: Download music to your device

Most carriers implement a data cap, which limits the amount data your device can consume before being charged overages. One way you can use less data is to download the songs you listen to most frequently over Wi-Fi.

Google Play Music mid-2013 Android downloading musicTo download your music:

  1. Tap on the album you want to listen to
  2. Tap the pin icon located in the middle of the screen
  3. Wait for the music to download

By default, the app will only download music when your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. To change this setting:

  1. Tap on the menu button located on the top right side of the screen
  2. Tap on “Settings”
  3. Uncheck the box next to “Download via Wi-Fi only”

You’re done! Assuming all of your music uploaded successfully, you are now able to listen to your iTunes music (and all the other music on your computer) on your Android devices and on any computer via an Internet browser.

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  • John Borgmeyer

    This was extremely helpful. I haven’t messed with very many googles apps but I read this and it took about 8 minutes to do. Totally worth it! Also I’m surprised how fast it streams.

  • Linda Woodrow Henderson

    Thank you!! None of the Youtube video tutorials were working for me–each settings screen was just different enough that I couldn’t get it going. This was perfect. I am on my way to music heaven!

  • Linda Woodrow Henderson

    How do I have the music uploaded to my SD card and not on phone storage. I really can’t figure that one out. I realized it was a problem after choosing a several albums to transfer to the phone and getting a “not enough space for your selections” message.

  • Lisa

    When I’m on step 2 and I have to download the music manager, it says I have to click upload music in my Google Play Music window. When I click “upload music”, it won’t work :/ Any idea why this might happen? I appreciate it! (: